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I am based in the U.K. and getting good sources of herbs is a little more challenging than in the USA. Dried herbal tinctures are easy to obtain, but fresh tinctures are few and far between. There is A. Vogel a company that ships to the U.K. who have a good range of fresh tinctures. Their tinctures are available through Amazon. Jarrow is an excellent source of standardised extracts also available through Amazon.

There is also The Wild Pharma in the U.K., which sell fresh tinctures if you inquire by email, otherwise you may get dried (which is fine for many herbs, but not optimal for some). Pricing is very reasonable, herbs are organic, and bulk buy is an option.

There is also iHerb in the USA – which is excellent, Herb Pharm are on iHerb and they are a good choice and clearly care about quality. However, expect to pay customs fees if outside U.S.A. which increase with weight. This usually means adding 2/3 to the price roughly.

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