We welcome articles written by herbal practitioners with a wide variety of backgrounds. One back link is allowed in the article which can help support search rankings, if you have a website.

We encourage people to come forward who are enthusiastic about herbs and are pretty certain of their knowledge of a particular herb, group of herbs, or treating a condition with herbs, and want to share their insights. Also encouraged are articles from scientists discussing studies related to herbalism, or a combination of the two.

We are liberal regarding content and style, however, there are a few rules.

Submission requirements

– The work should be original and copywrite infringement free
– The article should be at least 3 paragraphs
– If you use photos make sure they are high resolution and free for distribution
– If you want to refer to particular traditional or scientific knowledge, e.g. a text book, please reference in the style of the rest of the site
– For example, to reference a traditional text book or paper, go to google scholar type in the title, click the quotation marks, then copy and paste the ‘MLA’ format
– For a text book the in text citation should be like this (Winston, 2007) and a scientific paper like this (Zhao et al., 2012).
– Do not reference websites
– Referencing is optional
– The back link may be included just once beneath the conclusion
– Do not mention specific companies or proprietary products

How to submit

To get contributor status and a username and password, send an email with a brief description of your self and what you think you’d like to contribute to: