About the site:

This site was made because well referenced traditional and scientific information about medicinal herbs should be freely available. It is a non-profit educational resource.

My main concern was that people have easy access to many different herbs as supplements and often order them without any consideration of the traditional use of those herbs. Increasingly, people are getting information from science-based resources, which is very good, but the problem is we are ignoring information from respected herbalists. I find traditional knowledge about herbs, from a good source, is often much more useful than our limited scientific knowledge regarding herbs. I also think we need greater realism about how limited our scientific knowledge is, rather than just referencing an animal or test tube study and saying a herb can treat some sort of pain.

Research on the site is kept up-to-date and there is an evidence rating system to discriminate between better quality studies from lower quality or preliminary studies. The more recent traditional knowledge is from textbooks mainly by David Winston, Maria Groves, Thomas Bartram, David Hoffman, Rosemary Gladstar, and Matthew Wood. I also include details from the traditional Eclectic texts and Nicolas Culpeper’s complete herbal.

About Chris, creator of this website:

I have an academic background with experience in botany, biomedical science, and statistics. Over the last years, I have been working full time on clinical data analysis in London. Suffering from a chronic health condition myself that was very poorly treated by conventional medicine resulted in my study of herbal medicine along with experimentation with various herbs in formula and alone.