About the site:

This site was made because well referenced traditional and scientific information about medicinal herbs should be freely available to everyone. It is a non-profit educational resource.

Research on the site is kept up-to-date and there is an evidence rating system to discriminate better quality studies from lower quality or preliminary studies. The more recent traditional knowledge is from text books mainly by Maria Groves,┬áDavid Winston, Thomas Bartram,┬áDr. Christopher, David Hoffman, and Matthew Wood. I also draw from the traditional Eclectic texts and Nicolas Culpeper’s complete herbal.

About Chris, creator of this website:

I trained in Biochemistry in Sheffield in the U.K. then afterwards I left to Cambridge to complete a PhD in Plant Science. Over the last years I have been working on clinical trial data analysis in London.

Suffering with a chronic health condition myself that was very poorly treated by conventional medicine resulted in my study of herbal medicine along with experimentation with various herbs in formula and alone. I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

I am a self trained herbalist, and although I may be criticized for this, I feel this way has it’s advantages. I felt my way through herbalism from text books, experimenting as I went and getting a sense of how all these herbs behave experientially. I see learning herbalism as much as an intuitive and spiritual process as intellectual. I practice as a herbalist with Western and also a few Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal medicines. I currently live just outside London, in Harpenden.